Cheap dedicated server Europe

When it comes to Server Management, everybody requires a certain knowledge in this area who is well into the department. And Servers are more or less on the expensive side. But it is always said that a few hours of research would actually help you get a proper and affordable dedicated server.

Cheap dedicated server Europe

But firstly, have to decide on the fact that your requirement demands of managed or unmanaged hosting. Managing servers do require a heavy knowledge of the certain sector but the managed ones are pretty expensive but all the tiresome work is done for good in it. So, if we discuss about cheap dedicated server Europe, then there are quite a few options.

Some names of cheap dedicated server Europe –

  • – The cheapest in the zone, for about £20 per month. It has more than 10 years of experience in the hosting market. Jolt has a very high reputation in the sector and also gives out adequate services.
  • Contabo – One of the best in the market. An award winner for best hosting providers available in Germany. The price starts from £ 39.99 comes on with 800GB of storage, 4-core processor and 8GB of RAM.
Cheap dedicated server Europe
  • Kamatera – This is one the marquee providers but the highlight of this one is its 30-day free trial. The company has large infrastructure providing a huge and adequate service and has several data canters in several parts of the world.
  • TMD Hosting – The ones who is into complete dedicated hosting. TMD is actually the ideal match for them as it is compatible to their search criteria and affordable by all means. They have servers all around the world, unlimited bandwidth and most importantly which would  attract clients is some domains have free registration.

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