The growth of a city depends largely on how one shapes the city keeping in consideration the impact it will fall on the environment. City growth is also related to social well-being and economic vitality let alone the sense of community and connectedness.

In addition to that, the change that we bring to our cities is also a manifestation that we wish to see in humanity.

The main thing that is driving the problem is the human behavior of destroying the environment for own sake and comfort. However, the truth has a different scenario as the final result will not be a pleasant one. The trouble does not always lie with the factories, mobile companies but with us. It is the truth about how we live make all the difference.

Thus, the need to build a smart city with finest technology aid is utmost. Here is the requirement of building a city with functioning and workable model and then replicate it throughout the world.

How to build a growing city?

Technology is the answer to every question. It helps to build up monument from scratch and thus have no substitute to in making a city grow in every possible dimension. Modern cities are nowadays growing at a faster pace than ever before.

The resources that were used to build up the megacities during the 20th century were huge and the need for more improvised options is extreme. The old options are not quite sustainable in the modern period and it has to occupy less of nature’s part to do lesser damage to it.

What else should be considered in city growth?

Continuous sprawling out will not make the planet earth grow and thrive with less density. Thus, keeping a check at the density meter is the best if not the only left option to build the future city of tomorrow.

Another thing that should be kept in check is the climate crisis. Urbanization is surely not a bad thing if only it does not cause damage to our environment. The most defining question of the present day is how to expand urbanization without affecting the climate?

The internet also helps a lot and it is one of the best things about a city part of connecting people. Thus taking necessary help from it will also aid in spreading the right information to masses collectively.

What is the need for cities to grow safe?

If cities are not healthy places to live then it certainly will not grow to the max. Thus, a city establishment has a lot to do with conserving resources like water, forests, sewage control and providing space to accommodate more population migrating from rural parts to dwell in cities.

Cities have to be more welcoming and comfortable rather than artificial and suffocating with lack of air bound within the concrete jungle. Thus whatever new innovation is coming to the place with the promise to provide necessary aid in the development of city life, it is welcomed with open arms.

The future of cities lies in our own hands and it is us who can create a significant difference in its global growth.

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