Sweat bee repellents

Sweat bee repellents are just the perfect way of getting rid of sweat bees. This is because this is an eco-friendly way which avoids killing of the sweat bees. As sweat bees are extremely beneficial while pollination, killing a large amount of them might not be healthy for the environment. This is why using sweat bee repellents can be a smart way of avoiding contact with sweat bees.

Sweat bee repellents

Note- Using sweat bee repellents during the months of March to September is extremely ideal as the sweat bees tend to be very rapid then.

There are several different kinds of sweat bee repellents. Hence, choosing the right repellent for a specific individual according to their needs and comfort is important. Repellents can be natural products as well as chemical products. One such repellent which is highly efficient is the Hot Shop Strip.

Hot Shop Strip-

  • This is an indoor electronic sweat bee repellent. It fabricated vapours which are not favourable by the sweat bees. To use this product, you should hang it around the places where you find sweat bees.
  • One of its main advantages is that it helps not only get rid of sweat bees but many other similar insects hence this product can save you tons of money.
  • A single strip is durable for about 4 months. The strips need to be changed once they get over.
  • The controlled release technology assures extreme effectiveness.
  • This product has no odour which is why people with different sorts of allergies won’t have a disadvantage.
  • One will have to buy multiple strips to put them in different areas where sweat bees may be found.

Advantages of this repellent-

Sweat bee repellents
  • Durable
  • Supreme effectiveness.
  • High quality penetrating power.


  • Costly.
  • Cannot be refunded.
  • Can be only used indoors.
  • Cannot be refilled after the strip is over.

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