Once Mahatma Gandhi said that earth provides everything that can is enough for satisfying a man’s need, it can provide things that can fill a man’s greed. This statement of Mahatma Gandhi is indeed proved the bitter truth of today’s environment. It is man’s greed that has leads the earth and the environment to such a drastic stage. The environment is getting polluted in every instance.

The World’s Environment Day is celebrated by everyone all over the world, with keeping some plans in mind to save the environment and earth. Sometimes it becomes important to ask yourself “are you executing your plans? “The existence of forest, water, songbird, animals, flora, and fauna, however, unfortunately, all these are being misused and end up being harmed.

The environment is getting polluted by a lot of things like plastic, industrial pollution, radioactive elements, domestic water, and sewage.  Pollution control is one of the major global concerns these days, as it is harmful to the environment as well as for a person’s health. The environmental pollution can be found in different forms like water pollution, air pollution, soil pollution and many others.

How to deal with such a big issue?

Everyone has an integral part as every person is the inhabitant of the only planet earth. Not everyone is a perfect environmentalist, but together people can make a difference even if it is small steps but together everyone’s small step can become a significant step towards the prevention of pollution. Simple steps that you can take to prevent pollution are –

Less use of car

This doesn’t mean to use cars it only means to use it less. Even if you want to use your car, you can use unleaded gasoline to help in reducing pollution.  Another step that can help in reducing air pollution is smoke emissions. You must try keeping your cars in perfect condition by adequately maintaining them to avoid smoke emissions.

Instead of making roads car stuck you can engage in carpooling, or you can share a ride. If not required then ride a bicycle or walk instead of using cars everywhere. It will not only help you in saving the environment but also protecting your money on gasoline. At the same time, it will keep you happier and healthier by keeping yourself fit.

Other crucial steps

Nowadays, plastics are seen everywhere in different forms. Even though people find it convenient but it is one of the most dangerous element responsible for contaminating the earth’s surface.. You must try to avoid using plastics as they are not disposable.

At the same time try not to smoke at least at no smoking zones, it will not only keep the environment healthy, but it will also prevent you from falling into the trap of deadly diseases. Don’t waste water, reduce your shower time and install the low head shower. Turn off lights as well as appliances and unplug chargers when you are not using them.

Every person can contribute something to play their part in advancing the environmental mitigation measures. Environmental protection is also meant to care for the natural resources human have, and consequently, it means caring about you and ensuring the sustainability of future generation.

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