The concept of having a stalker on Instagram who checks your every move goes through every post of yours – right from the first picture or video you might have posted up until the last one. Thus, it is as real as it gets.
This is something which they can easily achieve through an Instagram private profile viewer, such as –

Using the Private Instagram Viewer helps them because it comes in-built with a lot of features. Using these sites, a stalker can not only keep an eye on their target but also keep a close watch of everything they post or share – through posts and stories. Thus, even if your account is private and you have kept viewing restricted to your followers only, sites such as these ensure that anyone can stalk you closely.
An Instagram stalker can easily overcome this barrier between you and him/her and keep an eye on your every move by using this viewer. In fact, there are times when they don’t just stop at a viewing, they continue their stalking prowess by downloading the picture, video and/or story! Sounds scary, doesn’t it? It is all the scarier when you realise that along with pictures and videos, a stalker can also download stories – something Instagram itself doesn’t permit using this viewer.

Using this viewer, you can easily add a protected or private profile into your feed, and get notifications similar to those accounts you actually follow – and you won’t even have to become a follower of the account for this. However, as intimidating it might sound, these private viewers also help you check your posts and see which of them are easily accessible because your security gets compromised. So, you can easily use this private viewer for a thorough security check-up.

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