Online gaming is one of the most popular web based activities across the world. In fact almost all the Internet users have played games online at one point of time or other. Countless resources are there on the web which allows you to play games of various tastes and genres for free. A simple registration process allows you to start gaming and you can also take part in tournaments or play with opponents like a regular game. Since this particular concept of gaming was not here always, there must be a time when the first game was made!

OXO, NIMROD and Spacewar are some of the oldest online video games that were designed for one or two people, sitting on the same system. Gradually time-sharing on computer started and with continuous technological advancements it reached the present height. In the latter half of 1970s the online games besieged the entire gaming market. Some of the games that made to the summit of popularity in all parts of the world are Game Boy Advance, cookieclickerhackx, Pocket Color/ Neo-Geo Pocket, Atari Lynx Sega Nomad, Nintendo Game Boy, Milton Bradley Microvision, Sega Game Gear, Lynx II, NEC Turbo Express and many more.

Looking at the insatiable thirst of the gamers for new and innovative online games, many popular movies were developed in game versions. Some of the movie-turned video games that people enjoy playing most include The Lord of the Rings, Spider-man, The Matrix and Prince of Persia. Often popular TV shows and movies are transformed into online games to bring in some uniqueness. Later on the games were started being segregated into various genres. Action, Strategy, Arcade, Racing and Puzzles are some of the well-liked games genres.

Nowadays you can play the common word, number and puzzle games online. Games like Soduku, Scrabble and Cards are also available online. Poker, Blackjack, Cricket and Football are some of the multiplayer games available in online version, that too for no cost at all. The overall projections show that online gaming has a brilliant future in the coming years as the popularity always follows the upward trend.

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