These days, one thing can be seen everywhere in different forms. You must be wondering what it is? It is plastic. You can see people carrying plastic bag, bottles, container and many other things made of plastic. It is a usual sight for people nowadays. Have you ever thought about this convenient package can be dangerous for the ecosystem? You must have not, but after reading this below discussion, you will be forced to think about it. So, let’s start with the debate.

Strong, capable of converting into conceivable shape, durable and cheap material is plastic. People can see it as a wonder material. This material is beneficial and this is the reason why 8.3 billion metric tons of this material; has been produced since 1950. 

It must be a great success people have achieved in these seventy and so years. However, the ecosystem has appeared to be the victim of this success. It’s not too far the day when human will also find themselves among its victim.

Environmentally speaking, plastic is a disaster that is increasing. It is made of natural gas or petroleum with the extract of non – renewable resources, and it is processed by utilising energy-intensive techniques that are damaging fragile ecosystems.

What to do now?

Now that you are aware of the negative impacts of the plastic on the ecosystem, some small changes in your habits and your life can help significantly in protecting the ecosystem from the deadly effects of plastic. Now the question is what you can do; small changes can do. The changes you need to implement in your life are mentioned below.

Avoid carrying plastic bags

Every time you step out for shopping or buy your groceries bring your own bags. Instead of wasting your money on plastic bags you can opt for jute bags or eco-friendly bags available in the market. You can also reuse existing plastic for bringing down the use of plastic in your daily life.

Use glass bottles

Yes, you read it correctly. Instead of using plastic bottles use glass bottles. It will be inconvenient but it won’t be as dangerous as using plastic bottles. On the same side, try to bring your bottle rather than buying package water when you are stepping out of your house.

Avoid using disposable plates

Planning to host a party, this time try organic dishes. Using organic plates will make your party eco- friendly. On the same hand, you have the opportunity of using edible tableware and cutlery. If you are don’t have any other choice but to use plastic ones, then use the one that you can reuse after washing them.

Use bone china or glass jars

You can also replace your plastic containers with glass jars or bone china containers. A lot of researchers have proved that plastic bottles are not safe for storing food items. Using glass or bone china containers are more healthy options for you.

 It will be inconvenient for many people because of their hectic schedules but making simple changes and taking small steps can help the ecosystem. It is not a bad choice to go through a bit of inconvenience for a better environment.  

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