This is not news anymore that the earth is getting warmer day by day. There is also no rocket science included in understanding that lack of trees is one of the primary reasons behind this phenomenon. If one takes a look at the satellite photo of Earth, then it is quite evident that he will see the blue planet surrounded with a grey coating of dust.

The grey smudge in the atmosphere is mainly created by all the polluted air coming out of factories, chimneys, cars, power plants etc.

Air pollution is a worldwide problem in nations around the world and affects the majority of people living in cities. With the gradual increase in pollution, the rise in air pollution is evident and painful to curb.

The very first thing that comes to mind when there is a need for environmental regulation is trees that are often overlooked as well.

What is the need for environmental regulation in cities?

With the rise in urbanisation, several numbers of trees are being cut off every day making the environment more susceptible to pollution. Trees act as a shield for various natural calamities, and lack of their count will give rise to the multiple kinds of environmental disasters. Nearly thousands of people die annually due to the air pollution creating havoc on them.

Thus, to minimise these negative consequences and offer relief with increasing amount of oxygen in the environment, the need for afforestation is maximum.

Environmental regulation is a way to make cities more livable and helps to build a better surrounding to spend the livelihood.

It is a predicted fact that by the year 2030 nearly 60% of the human population will be dwelling in some parts of the cities. That will see a sudden increase in the migration and city population and to make the cities deal with such an increasing population; it is crucial to adopt environmental regulatory programs.

What steps should be taken regarding environmental regulation?

Conservation of wildlife and forestry of the country is one of the primary things that should be taken into consideration. There is various environment protection acts as well laid down by the government. These are all mentioned under the directive principles of state policy along with the fundamental rights of the people of a country.

The very basic as well as essential way to conserve the environment is by utilising the three Rs namely-

  • Recycle
  • Reduce
  • Reuse

Some other ways to save the environment are-

  1. Turning off devices to save energy power

This conserves loss of energy when it is not needed.

  • Walk or cycle

Along with benefiting the environment, it also keeps one healthy and fit.

  • Rainwater conservation

The process dramatically helps during the times of water scarcity.

  • Planting more trees

It has no substitute for proper environmental measures.

Not using aerosol protects the environment and helps in curbing air pollution.

Although the government has a lot of environment protection schemes to preserve and enhance the environment, it is we the citizens that also have the moral responsibility to do our part.

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