Downloading songs or Buying Songs; the Change:

Everything in life is automated and online. A person’s life is not offline anymore, its out on the show; online. Millennials started from the times when it was actually the transition stage for everything going into the online mode and they have seen it closely or rather felt it closely than anyone else. As smaller as we can get with examples; discussing of buying CDs or Records to now Downloading songs from pagalworld music.

Much easier it is right now in this moment but was it easy then? Of course, at this moment it is not a say to anyone but if it is correct then it is unfair and also fair at many aspects. Nowadays people have the fear of missing out segment in their lives which in turn makes them think that whatever everyone has, they should also possess that much, be it information, wealth or a petty example would be means of entertainment.

Starting from the speed of the internet or the amount of music you have in your collection. Not that people never had that before, it is just that the means and the medium has changed rapidly. Earlier it was the amount of music or movies one had in CDs, Records etc and now it is about the number of movies stored in hard drives and the number of songs one has in their phones or iPod downloaded via websites or apps like pagalworld music.

There is actually no right or wrong in this. The change itself is so vast that no one can decide on to which they are supposed to stick to cause in a matter or few years the mediums and modes might just flip again to spark up another transition.

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