What is meant by depression? Google describes it as a feeling of severe despondency and dejection. This can be metaphorically explained as a black hole that sucks the person into the darkness of severe self doubt, anxiety and fear. Depression is when the person’s emotional load is so much that soon it results in feeling of numbness.

Feeling is emotionally healthy. All types of feelings- sadness, anger, happiness, hate, jealousy demand to be felt and must be felt with all acceptance. The famous pop culture that takes pride in “being cold” is a nonsensical concept and defies the core purpose of being human i.e. to feel.

Do people with depression deliberately choose to not feel? Wrong. Depression leaves one in such a helpless place that the person feels nothing and perceives a sense of purposelessness and confusion. Even if a person is cured of depression, it is most likely to relapse if not taken care of.

The most important misconception one has that feeling sad is equivalent to feeling depressed. However, both are different. Sadness is a normal feeling that eventually goes away with time. However, depression is like a dark looming shadow on one’s life that never goes away.

Mental health issues took a long time to be recognized as something that demanded dire attention. Prior to this the only thing that gained all the attention was physical health as mental health suffered in the background.

However, thanks to few people who have taken things into their own hands and have started to take intense initiative to spread mental health awareness. People have come together to ensure that none of our peers will have to go through anything alone.

Depression maybe scary, it may be terrifying indeed. However, if you are going through it yourself, never feel that you are alone. With love, kindness and patience, you will cross this hurdle. You are bigger than your depression. Always remember that. Also, check out this related information about depression

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