A proxy server functions as a connector or a middleman between the web browser and the website, by passing the request and response back-and-forth in a way to assist users seeking resources from websites or servers. Besides handling requests and responses, a proxy also fulfills other purposes, such as anonymous browsing, domain filtering, bypassing security controls and so on. Below, we will explore the various benefits and advantages of using a proxy server. Among the benefits and advantages are:


 Anonymous browsing:

One of the great benefits of using a torlock proxy is to hide internal clients from an external network. It makes your network id anonymous as the proxy servers will be at the forefront, protecting your network IP while allowing normal surfing. Since your internal IP network is not accessible from an external network, you are safe from attacks by unscrupulous hackers, scammers and spammer.

Nowadays, many web sites have implemented geolocation technology to customize their web contents and to redirect their visitors to an appropriate page, by detecting the location that the visitors originate from. Recent trend shows that localized contents have started gaining popularity among the web communities. Technically, it wasn’t that difficult to implement such a technology, as various free and paid APIs or services, are available for your selection (e.g. IPInfoDB, IP2Location).


However, the testing phase of your geolocation feature is the challenging part as not everyone would have access to IP addresses from various countries. With this in mind, the Proxy Servers now come into the picture. By utilizing proxy servers located in various locations around the world, you are now able to accurately test and successfully implement your geolocation feature. There are a lot of open proxies offering you their free proxy service but you must be extremely careful in selecting the right one. Your important data will be flowing through that proxy server and thus choosing a reliable and honest proxy provider is vital for your peace of mind. My advice is to look for a paid and reliable service, such as Local Proxy. After all, you wouldn’t want to risk your business solution, right?

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